At Students, families, schools, teachers and other education professionals will be able to find resources, collaborate and be valued.


Students will be able to use activities, rate them and send feedback. Young people’s help will be very valued at EDUPLAT as they have more imagination, which enhances their creativity. They will also be able to help other students in their schools and motivate their teachers to use EDUPLAT.


Teachers will be able to use activities, rate them and send feedback. Their professional contributions will be very valued at EDUPLAT and they will benefit from the platform in many ways. Amongst them, they will be able to prove in their profiles at EDUPLAT their skills.


Schools will be able to benefit from having a dynamic platform full of resources as well as the possibility of integrating their LMS (Learning Management Systems) and thus reducing expenses. On the other hand, they can promote the use of EDUPLAT by , for example, organizing conferences and seminars.

Teacher Training

  • Faculties of education will be able to help their teacher trainees benefit from EDUPLAT and find more suitable jobs. On the other hand, teacher training courses can provide excellent resources as university students have motivation, energy and good computer skills.
  • Educational boards will be able to liaise with our curriculum developers so that their syllabuses are included in the list and teachers preparing students for their exams can benefit from it.

Educational experts

Educational experts can publish their investigation results, conferences and share their ideas here, benefiting the community and themselves.

Other professionals

Other professionals in the educational world can benefit from their services being offered through the network and support it.  EDUPLAT’s sustainability is guaranteed via these win-win relationships.

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